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Since 1988 we’ve been working in the recycling industry. We resolutely believe our efforts will result eco-friendly approach and cleaner environment, at the same time a unique work of art become true.
Our vision is to make every people happier when meet our art compositions. Make them remember our environment is one of the most important in our life.
If you would like to delight in one of our statue in your garden, company headquater, town main square or you have any question feel free to contact us.
Sandor Antal with president of EBA


By this unique kind of scrap recycling, as accurately measured, every 1000 kgs weights of created statue, were saved 400 kwhs of elecetrical energy usage, 1.1 tons of iron ore, 0.6 tons of coal and 54 kgs of limestone mining.
The nature has been prevented from 0.4 m3 unnecessary water usage, 0.76 m3 water contamination, 1.28 tons of other solid waste output, 274 kj of remolding energy and 0.5 tons of co2 emission.
The generated environmental benefits: PRICELESS


Smart Scrap
Smart Art

We’re trying to improve ourselves as much as we can. If we reach a level, we would take a rest for a short period, but inside we continue thinking about our next steps. One idea give birth to the next.
Our passion is the environmental protection, we have scrap and creativity, we love technology, therefore the Scrapart – IoT© became true. ​
If you need a rest, then take a seat and charge yourself! ​
The SMART PEW is equiped with WiFi internet and USB connection to charge up your devices. It can be green, when it is supplied with solar cells, and it can be more intelligent when it monitors the air quality and/or sound level. Moreover it is beautiful…